We finally decided on a date for our kickstarter campaign! We're almost at 5000 subscribers and pretty sure to reach that goal in the next couple of days. Thank you guys so much for that, you're amazing!
Because we had to make some final appointments, we finally decided on a date to start the campaign and our Europe tour:

October 11th, 2016!

A lot of you probably already know, but we were at gamescom in Cologne about two weeks ago and had a pre-alpha demo of Lost Ember in our bags! As part of the amazing Indie Arena Booth (www.indiearenabooth.de) we presented Lost Ember to about 350,000 visitors (well, maybe not all of them came to our booth...) and had an incredible time!

If you follow us on twitter, facebook or instagram, you may have noticed that we attended the manga and games convention MaGnology in Hamburg this year. It was a really awesome time and of course we want to share some impressions with you guys :) 


as you already noticed, it has been very quiet on our blog for the last couple of months. But it has been quiet for a reason, we have devoted all of our time and energy to the development of Lost Ember. We have made some great progress with our Vertical Slice and can’t wait to share it with you. We will release some of this material during the next weeks and months, so be sure to come back frequently ;) And if you don't want to miss out on anything, be sure to follow @MooneyeStudios on twitter!

In the new Indie Game Mag issue we talk about progress in game mechanics and details about the flashback sequences in the first episode. Go check it out below :)

After attending the Quo Vadis in April we went to our second convention: the MaGnology. A convention for anime, comic fans and gamers. Among other great indie developers we exhibited our recently released mobile game Super Carl and one of our brand new, soon to be released titles Bubblemon. Bubblemon was presented for the first to time to a public audience, so we were quite excited about the feedback.

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