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The thing we like most about the indie games industry is the incredible people in it! We want to shine a light on the creative, diverse, and passionate game developers out there and for that we created Colors Of Indie!

Colors Of Indie celebrates the many facets of indie games and tries to help the developers of those games with visibility, feedback, and some development funding.

The call for applications for 2023's edition of the COI awards is already over, but keep an eye out for new announcements soon!

What, when, how?

The submissions for the 2023 edition of the awards are closed! The winners will be announced on November 30!


  • What do I have to do?
    It's simple, just post a video showcasing your game with a short introduction of yourself to TikTok as a reply to our prompt (click the "add yours" button under the prompt in our tiktok video). Don't remove the prompt box from your post as we won't be able to find your video otherwise! If you don't have a TikTok account, you can also fill out our form here.
  • What can I win?
    On November 30, we'll select 3 winners. 1st prize is $1000, 2nd prize is $300, and 3rd prize is $200. Apart from the prize money, we hope to bring all of you some additional visibility and maybe some wishlists! All nominees and alumni of past editions will also be featured in a Steam event shortly after the awards and any future Colors of Indie Steam events!
  • Who can participate?
    Every indie dev who is working on a game that won't be released before November 30, 2023 on a small budget can participate. We don't have very specific thresholds for what budget we consider "small" or other rules like "you can't have a publisher", since sometimes there might be special circumstances that still mean you absolutely need every penny you get. If you think that on first glance you might not be considered indie, but think of yourself as indie, please elaborate on that in your submission. Since we're trying to especially promote and support diversity in games or the industry, there's extra points for diverse teams or games, or simply teams that we feel bring the indie community forward in other ways, so make sure to include those points in your submission! If you've been nominated for a COI award before, we probably won't nominate you again unless there are special circumstances (for example if the game has changed dramatically). You will still be included in any future Steam events as an alumni!
  • Does this mean you'll publish my game?
    No, the Colors Of Indie selection is completely separate from our publishing label and does not need to fit into our existing portfolio! You can pitch any kind of game you like and will have absolutely no obligations towards us if you win! There's no strings attached!
    This doesn't mean that you cannot pitch us your game for publishing as well, of course! If we see your game and think it could be a great fit for us, we'll definitely reach out to you about that as well, even if you don't end up among the nominees!
    If you want to pitch your game for publishing, head this way!
  • Will there be another edition of Colors Of Indie in the future?
    We hope so! This whole idea very much sprang from just a random thought of how to support other indie devs and we liked it so much, that we just went ahead and started it. Depending on your feedback, we'll hope to be able to bring you another edition of Colors Of Indie soon!
  • I have more questions!
    Just write us an email!
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