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We at Mooneye love small cozy or narrative games. Too often these games fly under the radar and don't get the attention they deserve.

That's why we launched our very own indie publishing label!

With that we want to enable developers to focus entirely on their game and not be distracted by all the overhead that all game releases naturally generate.

Our core principles:

Creative Freedom

To be able to create the game you envision you need to be able to call the shots. We don't want to limit your creativity in any way and want this to still be your project and your IP. Of course we still will always be there to give recommendations and suggestions, but the ultimate call will always be yours.

And that is not limited to only the game: you're more than welcome to play as big a role in any area as you want - be it marketing, press, community management or anything else.


One of the things that was always important for our own games was that we wanted to learn! Whether the release would be a success or a failure, we wanted to be better prepared for the next one.

That's why we try to be as open as possible about any data and statistics regarding your game and will share any and all experiences with you! We work right by your side and not above you.

Be it discussions about game features, marketing plans or release dates, you're welcome to participate in all of that!

Trust & Respect

We don't want you to work yourself into the ground just to meet deadlines. It's as important for us that you can enjoy developing your dream project as it is for it to be a success!

That's why you won't ever have to worry about coming to us with problems during the development or roadblocks you didn't anticipate. We'll always be able to work something out. We're here to help, after all!

Now, if that has piqued your interest and you are developing a game with a focus on narrative or a cozy game you think might be a good fit for mooneye, don't hesitate to contact us!

We can help with funding, marketing, press, community management, QA, localization, even working on the game itself or porting it to consoles.

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